About Chengdu Arcana

In 2005, Wu Xue and Zhong Ling founded the CNTAROT online community. In 2006, they opened the CNTAROT online shop in Taobao.com and began to bring tarot decks, lenormand and oracle cards from U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Lo Scarabeo s.r.l., and Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd into Chinese market. As the business grows, they established Chengdu Arcana Culture Communication Co., Ltd. in 2015, and started to develop their own tarot decks and other spiritual products, becoming a bridge of occult culture between the East and the West.

Chengdu Arcana & Lo Scarabeo s.r.l.

Since 2016, Chengdu Arcana has co-published the Chinese version of a range of tarot decks with Lo Scarabeo, including The Original Rider Waite Tarot, Illuminati Tarot, Thelema Tarot, Mystical Tarot, Triple Goddess Tarot, Silver Witchcraft Tarot, Golden Universal Tarot, Tarot Nefertari, Cat Tarot, Universal Tarot of Marseille, Ghost Tarot, Tarot of the New Vision, After Tarot, Pagan Cat Tarot, and Lo Scarabeo Tarot. We also translated Tarot Fundamentals of Lo Scarabeo into Chinese and published this Chinese version in mainland China in Oct. 2019, which provided a great chance for Chinese tarot enthusiasts to learn about tarot in a comprehensive and systematic way.

Chengdu Arcana & U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

Since 2016, Chengdu Arcana has legally acquired the Universal Waite Tarot Deck® c.1990, The Smith-Waite Centennial Tarot Deck® c.2013, and the Borderless Smith-Waite Tarot deck® c.2017 by U.S. Games Systems for the Chinese market.

Chengdu Arcana & Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd.

Since 2017, Chengdu Arcana has reached copyright licensing agreements with Llewellyn Worldwide regarding Llewellyn's tarot decks, and has been granted to print, publish, sell and distribute the Chinese version of such decks in Mainland China. In early 2019, Chegndu Arcana released the Chinese version of the Linestrider Tarot. 

Chengdu Arcana's Own Products

Since 2021, Arcana has shifted its focus to the development of tarot and oracle cards. All imported cards related business have been transferred to LMC Tarot (黎明船Tarot). By the end of 2023, nearly 30 original card decks have been created and released.